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Global consumers overwhelmingly in favour of renewables

28 Jun 2011

In the largest survey yet of its kind to date, 90 per cent of global energy consumers said they want to see the adoption of more renewable energy.

A study of 31,000 consumers across 26 countries were asked their views by TNS Gallup in a survey commissioned by wind turbine giant Vestas. The aim, according to Vestas, is to provide insight into consumer perceptions and drive corporate efforts to switch to renewable energy.

It found that consumers worldwide see climate change as the greatest single global challenge, with the vast majority wanting more renewable energies.

In addition, 79 per cent of consumers have a more positive perception of brands produced with wind energy and half say they would pay extra for products based on renewable energy.

The report said, ‘The companies behind many recognised brands are actually doing quite a lot in terms of reducing their carbon footprint, including changing the way they produce their products and deliver their services in order to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

‘Some companies go so far as to rethink their products and services to enable consumers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in their daily lives, for instance the introduction of hybrid and electric automobiles or very energy-efficient household appliances. Yet positive consumer perception of these brands in terms of mitigating climate change depends on how well the message of climate-friendly efforts is conveyed to the consumer.’

The study found that 65 per cent of consumers around the world would prefer to purchase brands produced with wind energy.

Tellingly, over half (53 per cent) of Chinese consumers rank climate change as the world greatest single challenge. China has now stated its ambitious onshore and offshore wind ambitions, and it is a market Vestas has gained early traction in.

Installing renewable energy is just one half of the battle, however, and the study found engagement with consumes is also necessary for it to really make a difference to a brand’s perception.

It said consumers want more information about the renewable energy used in the production of brands, for instance through techniques such as labeling.

‘As climate change is increasingly at the top of consumers’ minds, the carbon footprint of products and services purchased and consumed becomes an increasingly important factor when selecting from the many options available. Because of this awareness, the perceived climate-friendliness of a brand translates into “value” for the consumer,’ it said.

Read the full report here.

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