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18 February 2014

Smart technologies that help enterprises cut carbon and costsp

Growth and sustainability aren’t always associated. As enterprises and economies grow, so too do demands for energy. However, things are changing and thanks to ever more sophisticated mobile technologies, the two goals of growth and sustainability are becoming less disparate, says Christèle Delbé, group head of sustainability, Vodafone.

14 February 2014

Partnerships to drive evolution in the energy technology sector in 2014p

The energy and resource innovation sector is poised to continue its upward trajectory in 2014 as companies position themselves to capitalise on improving market sentiment and sector fundamentals.

15 January 2014

Why 2014 is a good time to be in the lighting control businessp

Network based lighting controls have failed to gain much traction over the last 5 years despite the benefits that they can deliver for improving operating costs and reducing CO2 emissions. So why will the influx of LED lighting into the commercial building market open up new opportunities for controls?

25 November 2013

Energy innovation requires an ecosystem that ties global firms with SMEs

Of all the companies in the world with a value of more than $10bn, only 14 have sustained high 'innovation premium' rankings consistently since 1995, according to research undertaken by Hal Gregersen, professor of innovation and leadership at INSEAD. Yet innovation is the driver of corporate growth and the key to unlocking greater value.

18 November 2013

Putting the consumer at the heart of ‘Energy 3.0’

The energy sector has reached an important crossroads, with emerging technologies and services sparking a new phase in the evolution of energy management and consumption.

22 October 2013

UK looks to Scandinavia and the US for smart meter successp

With the UK gearing up for the beginning of the smart meter rollout, it is able to take the opportunity to look at the experiences other countries have had with smart meters, and learn from them. The UK should be looking to countries like the US and the Nordics for both best practice and the pitfalls to avoid.

11 September 2013

Renewable energy can bring security of energy supply to vulnerable import dependent nations

The need for a secure and reliable energy supply is a seldom mentioned but very important driver for many nations moving towards clean and renewable energy supply. Paradoxically, the very factors that have made many nations dependent on imported energy, like being surrounded by water, can work to their benefit since many island nations have great potential for marine energy, says Anders Jansson, co-founder and CEO of Minesto.

25 July 2013

World Bank scales up energy efficiency, renewables investment in emerging regionsp

The World Bank Group is to expand access to energy, along with accelerating its efforts in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

15 July 2013

What can liberate UK shale gas – regulation, reward, or reassurance?p

In less than a decade, shale gas development has seen the US revert from a significant natural gas importer to a potential net exporter, and US natural gas prices have plunged, falling well below half of their level in 2008. In view of this, the news of large-scale shale deposits in the UK has been greeted with much hope that shale gas development could be the answer to replacing the dwindling supplies of North Sea gas but its environmental impact still needs consideration, writes Scott Flavell and Ted Hopcroft - energy and regulation experts at PA Consulting Group.

8 July 2013

Transmission charging – Decision time for Ofgemp

It’s decision time for Ofgem. We are now reaching the end of a very long process – known as Project TransmiT – which began in September 2010 to examine the way in which electricity transmission charges are levied. This week the board of the GB energy regulator meets to discuss recommendations on changing how generators will pay for using Britain’s transmission network - the National Grid, writes Martin McAdam, CEO of wave energy developer Aquamarine Power.

2 July 2013

Adding intelligence to occupancy detectionp

It's a gnawing frustration of modern office life. You're sitting quietly — too quietly — in an office or carrel, and suddenly the lights go off. Grrr! Installed to save energy, the room's occupancy detector has determined that no one is around, so it signals the lights to turn off. For 30 years, occupancy sensors have relied primarily on motion detection. But now there's something new, writes the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Bill Scanlon.

17 June 2013

Crossing the climate linep

Earlier this month, a remote monitoring system in Hawaii recorded the first time in human history that the daily average for carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit over 400 parts per million (ppm). Crossing the 400ppm line is not inherently meaningful, other than reminding us that we are on a path to a place we don’t want to go.

25 April 2013

Smart grid market outperforms in 2012 but sustainability looks fragilep

World smart grid sales climbed to $36.5bn in 2012 a growth of 30 per cent on 2011 and M&A activity reached $19.5bn almost doubling the value of deals in the previous year, according to memoori’s latest report. This confirms that solid progress has been made in the last three years but other findings show that all is not well.

26 March 2013

Charging ahead: Can electric vehicles be successful in the UK?p

There are many reasons why we should be seeing more and more electric vehicles on UK roads. Drivers are facing rising petrol and diesel costs and these are only going to increase as world oil prices are predicted to increase by 4.85 per cent per annum. David Rees, head of PA Consulting Group’s local government services, asks, therefore, why is take-up not higher?

1 March 2013

Smart grid thrives in 2012, but framework still not therep

World smart grid sales at installed prices climbed to $36.5bn in 2012 a growth of 30 per cent on 2011 and M&A activity reached $19.5bn almost doubling the value of deals in the previous year, according to the latest report from sector specialist Memoori.

18 February 2013

Doubling energy productivity means focusing on efficiencyp

Researchers at the US Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have long understood that using energy more efficiently can be just as beneficial as finding new ways to produce energy more efficiently.

13 February 2013

2013 Year of the Water Snake: Making a splash in Chinap

As the year of the water snake slithers into 2013, it seems quite fitting that investors are once again shifting their focus toward water-related themes, writes Junwei Hafner-Cai, analyst with RobecoSAM’s Sustainable Water Strategy.

11 January 2013

Smart grid drives further integration across connected real estatep

2012 was a seminal year for three industries that share some fast moving technologies and vertical markets, Electronic Security, Energy Management and the emerging Smart Grid, writes Allan McHale, author of smart grid blog Memoori.

20 December 2012

Cleantech companies strike gold in miningp

Mining1_170SQ The traditionally conservative mining sector is beginning to invest heavily into renewables and efficiency processes, driven by rising costs, stakeholder pressures and tightening regulations.

17 December 2012

Can data slow down climate change?p

Development needs data: water security, oceans governance and food security need data, information, knowledge, networks and imagination to shift power in the public interest, according to James Cameron, chairman of Climate Change Capital, who shares his perspective on climate change.

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