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5 November 2013

Turning point for the UK’s marine energy industryp

While marine energy has the potential to maximise European energy resources, minimise land use requirements and reduce emissions, still requires a leap of faith to look beyond some of the industry’s risks.

1 November 2013

US wind industry rebounds following ‘painful slowdown’ in 2013p

The US wind energy industry will finish 2013 with “strong momentum” for installations in the new year, following a "painful slowdown" at the beginning of 2013 as result of the scheduled expiration of the federal wind energy Production Tax Credit.

22 October 2013

Investment to combat and adapt to climate change still falls shortp

Global investment in climate change is still ‘far short’ of what is needed, despite the $359bn of capital put to work in 2012.

22 October 2013

UK looks to Scandinavia and the US for smart meter successp

With the UK gearing up for the beginning of the smart meter rollout, it is able to take the opportunity to look at the experiences other countries have had with smart meters, and learn from them. The UK should be looking to countries like the US and the Nordics for both best practice and the pitfalls to avoid.

8 October 2013

UK government’s current carbon plan ‘cobbled together’p

The UK Parliament’s environmental audit select committee has urged the government not to water down the UK's long-term climate change targets in next year's review of the fourth carbon budget

7 October 2013

Decentralised power systems loom for Europe’s electricity gridp

Despite increased funding and support for smart grid demonstrations, along with more investment in renewable energy generation and a decline in coal-fired generation, it is too early to predict the fall of the large centralised electricity systems and the start of a new era of distributed generation.

30 September 2013

Failure to act damaging investor confidence in energy policyp

The lack of a decarbonisation target in the Energy Bill inhibits investment decisions and negatively impacts the UK’s ability to attract the capital needed to update its ageing infrastructure, according to investors.

11 September 2013

Renewable energy can bring security of energy supply to vulnerable import dependent nations

The need for a secure and reliable energy supply is a seldom mentioned but very important driver for many nations moving towards clean and renewable energy supply. Paradoxically, the very factors that have made many nations dependent on imported energy, like being surrounded by water, can work to their benefit since many island nations have great potential for marine energy, says Anders Jansson, co-founder and CEO of Minesto.

22 August 2013

Food production under spotlight as yield rates slowp

While rising grain yields have replaced area expansion as the principal source of growth in world production, the pace has slowed during the last two decades with fears that more countries are facing issues over sustainable food production.

21 August 2013

Incentivising energy efficiency to boost take-up of UK retrofit projectsp

Incentivising energy efficiency in the home could increase annual retrofitting by 1.5 million projects and contribute hundreds of millions of pounds to the UK economy, a report from the UK Green Building Council has found.

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