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New clean fuel distribution centre opens in Minnesota

24 Aug 2011

A derelict 50 acre industrial park in Minnesota, US has been converted into a biofuel distribution centre with nearly half a million barrels of storage capacity. The site is non-waste emitting and can distribute biofuel by rail, truck, tank and pipeline.

Rosemount Clean Energies will also be used to transport traditional fuel types but the focus will be on biodiesel and ultra low-low sulphur diesel. In addition, the facility will be used to distribute ethanol and for waste oil recycling.

Tim Yocum, chief manager of Rosemount Clean Energies, said, ‘Biofuels are here to stay. Canada just announced a two per cent biodiesel requirement. Minnesota is going to ten per cent next spring. This new terminal will allow greater distribution of biofuels right where crops are grown and biofuels are produced. Combine this with our refineries’ ability to produce ultra-low sulphur diesel from North Dakota and Canadian crude, and we have opened a huge channel for energy independence through local supply.’

The site also offers a biofuel injection blending service that will allow companies to order customised fuel mixes. Many new fuel systems are based around combining bio-products with traditional oil-based equivalents. An example of this is German aviation company Lufthansa, which recently launched a six-month trial of flights between Hamburg and Frankfurt using a hybrid fuel that is 50 per cent biosynthetic kerosene and the other half regular jet fuel. Finnair is doing a similar thing with flights between Helsinki and Amsterdam.

Yocum said, ‘Initially, the industry struggled with the roll-out of biodiesel. The ability of this terminal to customise products through injection blending ensures greater accuracy and a consistent product that takes the reliability question of fuel out of the equation. Now we can perfect biodiesel and additive blending in a highly efficient manner, collaborate with all parties to find an efficient medium to deliver new products to the marketplace, and offer marketers and energy users a range of high-performance products specific to their applications and market demands.’

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