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Japan to boost trilateral cooperation on green energy

23 May 2011

Two months on from the natural disasters that ravaged Japan’s infrastructure and economy, its government has said it is determined to plough forward with efforts in the field of sustainable development through trilateral cooperation.

The country has committed to promote the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency to reach sustainable growth in the country as it rebuilds itself, officials said in a statement on Sunday.

Its officials have pledged to strengthen trilateral cooperation on tackling global environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss and regional issues such as acid deposition between Japan, China and Korea.

The three countries are planning to instill a trilateral investment framework that will foment cooperation in rebuilding the country’s economy, and have put energy security jointly on the top of the agenda with food safety as key topics on which to build dialogues. Japan’s officials said they have accelerated cooperative efforts to initiate preparatory work on a circular economy model concerning sustainable development between the three countries.

The three countries said they will begin research or consultation on sustainable growth including renewable energy and energy efficiency imminently, expressing commitments in both the medium and long term.

The collaboration of the three countries will see them promote policies and programmes to advance renewable energy technology and energy efficiency through existing international frameworks. Japan, in particular, will host a Green Technology Forum that will spur science and technology cooperation through aiming to share the research achievements of scientists and boost networking.

The three countries said they are committed to helping achieve a ‘successful’ outcome at the upcoming United Nations conference in South Africa later this year, noting the importance of establishing a framework to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of low carbon efforts.

A majority of large publicly-listed pure play clean technology companies in late 2009 and 2010 were centred in the Asia Pacific region, according to a recent Ernst and Young study. China boasts the greatest share of the green collar industry, perhaps reflecting the region’s attractiveness in the manufacturing sector, while Japanese companies are also on the radar for pursuing green energy efforts.

Despite the country fearing that its natural disasters this March had led to potential losses of up to ¥25tn, the World-SLI semiconductor index recently revealed that Japan’s semiconductor industry – one of the world’s most prominent – made larger gains during the month than in previous months as manufacturing bases avoided the worst hit areas.

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One Response to “Japan to boost trilateral cooperation on green energy”

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