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Governor Schwarzenegger promotes hydrogen fuel cell technology

28 May 2009

Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone on the road to highlight advances in fuel cell technology, in partnership with the California Air Resources Board (ARB), California Fuel Cell Partnership, National Hydrogen Association and U.S. Fuel Cell Council.

‘California set out to prove to the nation and world that low-carbon fuels and vehicles on our roads and highways are safe, affordable and viable,’ said Governor Schwarzenegger. ‘This tour showcases what I envisioned five years ago when I launched the Hydrogen Highway. Our goal of a cleaner, greener and healthier California will require revolutionary new vehicle technologies and low-carbon fuels that will also spur the cleantech economy. We will keep pushing, and thanks to our public-private partnerships and the commitment of these automakers and energy companies, the era of pollution-free transportation is dawning.’

California is building from an existing network of 26 hydrogen fueling stations throughout the state which have supported up to 300 fuel cell vehicles accumulating over two million miles on California roads. Auto manufacturers expect the number of hydrogen vehicles to increase to 4,300 by 2014 and more than 40,000 vehicles by 2017, according to a statement from the Governor’s office.

According to Governor Schwarzenegger Southern California will be the home of the single largest fleet of hydrogen cars in the world with Santa Monica, Irvine, Torrance and Newport Beach becoming the world’s first ‘hydrogen communities.’ Fuel cell technology is also being used to power transit buses and forklifts and to produce distributed electricity for industrial uses.

In April, ARB adopted a Low Carbon Fuel Standard, fulfilling the Governor’s 2007 executive order that requires fuel providers to reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels sold in California. This first-of-its-kind standard firmly establishes sustainable demand for lower carbon fuels, including hydrogen, without favoring one fuel over another. To start, the standard will reduce the carbon intensity of California’s passenger vehicle fuels by at least ten percent by 2020 and more thereafter.

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2 Responses to “Governor Schwarzenegger promotes hydrogen fuel cell technology”

  1. Fuel cells will have their place in many applications but for the large bulk of private transport vehicles it is not a viable technology. There is a difference between a good demonstration and the ubiquitous uptake of a technology. Fuel cells will always be series hybrids demanding batteries, generators and electric motors. This means lithium, copper and considerable electronic control systems (expense and pollution). City buses, taxis and some delivery vehicles are fuel cell candidates but if California is serious about changing to a hydrogen economy it will need light weight vehicles designed for hydrogen from the outset and the Pivotal hydrogen engine -simple, low cost, low mass, clean and efficient, cleaner and more viable.

  2. Misterixas says:

    Wow, my favorite governor works hand in hand with those who cares about environment of our planet :-) But who will care about your pocket? Yes, you probably heard about gas conversion (hydrogen fuel) kits as I do. So why wait for the future?…


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