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4 July 2013

US Energy Department to loan $8bn to emissions-cutting technologies

The US Energy Department will make up to $8bn available in loans to fossil energy projects and facilities that substantially reduce pollutants.

3 July 2013

Industry welcomes EU Parliament backing of ETS backloadingp

The European Parliament has opted to vote in favour of the temporary removal of 900 million permits from the EU’s emissions trading scheme, with a vote of 344-311.

3 July 2013

Exclusive: Shale won’t transform UK as it has US, says Tim Yeop

Conservative MP Tim Yeo, who was recently defeated after putting forward a carbon target amendment to the UK Energy Bill, told NewNet the country’s shale reserves will contribute strongly to the energy mix, but won’t have the same transformative affect as has been the case in the US.

3 July 2013

EU emissions trading market awaits crucial vote

Today members of the European Parliament will vote on a scheme to prop up the EU emissions market.

1 July 2013

Australian Coalition snubs $100m clean energy dealp

Kevin Rudd, recently became Prime Minister for second time Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has made its first investment with a joint commitment to a $100m energy efficiency loan program with the Commonwealth Bank.

1 July 2013

Kuwait to plunge $5bn into UK infrastructure

The Kuwait Investment Authority will sink as much as $5bn into UK infrastructure assets over the next three to five years in what could be a major boost to renewable power developments.

1 July 2013

Spain expected to slash support for renewables

Spain is set to announce what the government expects to be the country’s ‘definitive’ energy reform – a move likely to drastically reduce profitability across the renewable energy sector.

27 June 2013

Waste to energy sector calls for drastic changes in renewable policyp

Companies from the waste to energy sector have called on the government for a drastic change in government policy in order to encourage the development of a long term strategy to ensure a greater mix of renewable energy sources, maximising the use of energy from waste facilities.

27 June 2013

UK renewables strike price revealed, leveraging £110bn investment

The UK government has today revealed the renewable energy strike price, ahead of time and along with other reforms, in an effort to unlock up to £110bn in energy infrastructure investment.

27 June 2013

Renewables set to grow share in global energy mixp

Despite a difficult economic context, power generation from hydro, wind, solar and other renewable sources worldwide will exceed that from gas and be twice that from nuclear by 2016.

27 June 2013

Low carbon investors demand clear policy signalsp

European investors have expressed their support for the European Union’s proposed target of a 40 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030, but have called on policymakers to make a low carbon energy market genuinely investable by tabling proposals for detailed policy.

26 June 2013

Environmental impact of IT risk to UK carbon budgets

Following the Committee on Climate Change’s annual progress report, green IT company Icetope has warned that future carbon emission targets could be missed if the environmental impact of data is not considered.

26 June 2013

Energy sector tax uncertainty gives multinationals mixed outlookp

A survey analysing global energy tax trends has revealed that uncertainty regarding future tax legislation is significantly hindering investments into the energy sector.

26 June 2013

Obama gets tough on fossil fuels while doubling solar and windp

US President Barack Obama has delivered a keynote speech setting out how the US will curb emissions from coal-fired power plants and redouble its generation from wind and solar sited on public lands.

26 June 2013

More effort needed to meet carbon targets: UK’s Committee on Climate Changep

The Committee on Climate Change said good progress has been made in meeting carbon budgets, but more needs to be done in order to meet emissions targets.

25 June 2013

Barack Obama to outline much-hyped climate change stance

US President Barack Obama will later today deliver a keynote speech setting out how the US will help curb climate change with an expected focus on its coal-fired power stations.

25 June 2013

India to bring back tax relief to wind farms

India will reinstate tax breaks for wind farms after the expiry of earlier incentive programmes led to a massive 47 per cent slump in installation rates.

24 June 2013

US CO2 emissions to increase with gas prices

US carbon dioxide emissions have been falling because of inexpensive natural gas, and could increase again if the price of gas rises, the International Energy Agency has warned.

21 June 2013

Brisbane reaches out to UK investors as it aims to be carbon neutral by 2025p

© Lachlan Fearnley, Creative Commons Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, has launched a campaign to attract UK investment into the city as it aims to become carbon neutral by 2025.

20 June 2013

Obama refocuses on power plant emissions limits

US President Barack Obama will carry out a renewed push to limit emissions from the country’s aging power plants.

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